How to Mass Add Friends on Facebook

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mass add friendsFacebook users are always hungry for friends.  That’s why they are always looking for ways to mass add new friends on their Facebook profile! This small tutorial won’t teach you how to achieve this result using malicious javascript code, bot  or friend adder applications which scan the Internet and automatically add new friends to your list. It will only show you how to add all of your friends through Facebook settings. It looks like  such a procedure is quite unknown to a lot of users. That’s why I decided to write about it.

  1. Login to your Facebook Profile.
  2. On the right-side of your profile, click the Edit Friends link.
  3. On the left-side of your profile, click Invite friends.
  4. Now, in order to mass add friends, select the email list and add a custom message on the black field below.
  5. Click Invite button.
  6. Done!

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