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facebookHave you got an annoying, nasty “friend” on Facebook (fb) you want to get rid of? Do you wish to delete his/her friend request because you really can’t stand him/her at all? Well, this is the right tutorial for you!  Facebook (fb) is one of most used social network around  which lets you share your life on the Internet. The whole hub around which this famous website spins is making a lot of friends and read their daily life on their pages or on other applications such as Skype, for example. If you want to limit this kind of  “information bleeding” from this social network you have got a couple of tools to use. For example, you can delete Facebook pages from you account, or you can even delete your whole Facebook account. However, the best way to make your life easier on Facebook and be sure to share your happenings with the right users  is to smartly pick the right… friendships! 

Block a Friend

  1. Login your Facebook account.
  2. Click Privacy.
  3. Locate Block Person section.
  4. Write the name of the person you wish to block.

Block a Request for Friendship

  1. If you want to delete a friend request you received, simply go to the Requests page. From there you can delete pending friend requests as well as hidden friend requests.

Block a Request for Friendship you Made

  1. If you wish to delete a friend request you made to someone, go to the page belonging to the friend you made a friend request to.
  2. Next to his name you will see a link named Awaiting Friend Confirmation.
  3. Next to it you will see a small “X”. Click it.
  4. Done! You have successfully delete your friendship request.

For more info about friend,visit this Facebook Friend page.

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