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Firefox toolbarIf you wish to move or change the default toolbar position on your Firefox browser, it looks like you don’t have a lot of options. Once Firefox has been installed on your computer it seems that everything is locked without any option for you to alter anything. Sure, you can add new themes or you can change the default buttons thanks to some tricky hacks but, as far as the toolbar is concerned, you don’t have anything to play with. Nevertheless, there is a little option, a simple, stupid option which lets you hide/move/change the position of your Firefox toolbar. The issue with it is that it is pretty concealed as if the Mozilla Team didn’t like you to mess with their browser! Let’s see how to “mess” with YOUR Firefox and have it the way you want!

  1. Open Firefox browser.
  2. Right click on the toolbar.  Make sure to click on the blank portion of the toolbar called Menu Bar, next to the links: File – Edit -View – History – Bookmarks – Help”. For our convenience, right click on the blank, right side of the Menu Bar toolbar, next to the Help link.
  3. A small menu should appear on your screen. As you see, now you have the opportunity to show or hide certain parts of the toolbar (sub-toolbars) such as: Menu Bar, Navigation Toolbar, Bookmarks Toolbar, other personal toolbars.
  4. In order to change the position of your Firefox Toolbar/Toolbars, click the last option on the menu, namely Customize.
  5. At this point a big window called Customize Toolbar will appear on your screen. As you see, now you have a lot of options in order to change almost everything in your Firefox. You can even add spaces, change the icon size, add new icons etc.
  6. Without closing this new window, move your mouse on the main Firefox Toolbar, as you see your mouse pointer has turned to a little “hand”.  Left click any toolbar or any iten within the different toolbars and change their position!

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3 Comments to “How to Move and Change the Toobar Position in Firefox”

  1. Stephan Says:

    Moving toolbar (not icon) positions does not seem to work in Firefox 5. Any ideas???

  2. firefox 4 user Says:

    Moving toolbar (not icon) positions does not seem to work in Firefox 4. Any ideas???

  3. Giz of Oz Says:

    Thanks – this issue was driving me nuts. Your solution is nifty in it’s simplicity and worked a breeze. Firefox 4 now more to my liking.

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