How to Customize and Install Windows Media Player 12 Skins

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wmp12This brief tutorial will show you how to install (in a very easy way) Windows Media Player 12 skins (WMP12) in order to customize the default and sometimes boring default skin. As you know Windows Media Player 12 offers you, right out of the box, a basic skin which, despite it gets a lot of praises by  a lot of users, it is not a very exciting template. So, why don’t customize it with your own tastes and colours? Actually, on the Internet there are dozens of websites which offers you different skins able to make your Windows Operating system media player unique and personal! Even the Microsoft website has got interesting and free skins! This tutorial will show you how to modify your Windows Media Player 12 and turn it to something…new!

  1. As a first step you have to choose your new skin. So, go to the official Windows Media Player gallery and make your choice!
  2. Make sure to have Windows Media Player turned off as it could cause some issue when the system will try to open and install the skin.
  3. Click your favorite skin and wait. A downloading window should appear on your screen within seconds.
  4. If prompted, choose to open the file you are about to download with your Windows Media Player.
  5. Confirm your choice by clicking the Yes button.
  6. Always make sure that the file you are downloading has got the wmz extension since it is the default WMP skin extension.
  7. Once the download has been completed, in order to install the skin, click the View Now button. This simple operation will automatically install and substitute the new skin to the old one!
  8. If you wish to switch back to the default skin, click to the Return to Full Mode button. Be careful because each skin has got a different Full Mode button. So, in order to spot it, simply hover over them and find out the right one
  9. Now, right click the upper toolbar and from the menu, select Show.
  10. Now, Select Interface or Select Skin.
  11. On the left pane, click the Default skin. Click the Apply button located on the left side of the toolbar to go back to the default skin.
  12. Done!

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