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Remove your ToolbarIf you have got an unwanted browser toolbar and you don’t know where you got it from, then you might wish to delete, erase and remove it. And that’s exactly where you issues will start! In fact, apart from exceptions, it is not every easy to uninstall and remove such toolbars since there is not proper option among its settings. Sure, you could go to your Windows 7 and Vista operating system settings, but why do you want to complicate your life among hard-to-understand options? While surfing the Internet it is very easy to download and install a toolbar. Sometimes you do it voluntarily, other times instead you are tricked into clicking a button which will automatically install the toolbar. In rare cases instead you will install it unintentionally because it is embedded to another software you decided to install. Google Toolbar, MSN Toolbar and Bing Toolbar are the most famous ones. But beside them there are tons of toolbars whose main goal is to spy you and your privacy. “Less famous toolbars” include: Alot, Ask, Dealio, Kiwee, Babylon, Tango, Mirar, Spyware, Crawler and many, many others. Let’s see how to get rid and uninstall of them!

IObit Uninstaller is a small, light and free portable toolbar remover which remove and uninstall annoying browser toolbars from your computer. Such a nice tool has got a huge list of features including:

  • 1-Click Toolbars Removal. Annoyed by so many toolbars in your system? A couple of clicks and all those annoying toolbars will be gone in one second!
  • Batch Uninstall.  Delete several pieces of software in one easy click.
  • Without Installation. IOBit Uninstall is computer-friendly so that it won’t mess with your Windows registry nor will it mess wit your other applications.
  • Forced Uninstall. Got a stubborn toolbar? Brute force it and delete it forever!
  • Free and Easy-to-use. No IT knowledge needed, just download it and simply run it to remove all junk programs.

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