How to Search Mediafire with Google by Using Special Query Searches

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Search Mediafire using Google

Mediafire is a free file hosting service where you can download tons of files. Did you know that you can search for Mediafire files, videos, music, documents and data with Google Search engine? In fact, by default, Mediafire doesn’t give you any way to browse among files uploaded by its users and this is a big limit shared by all the Internet websites (such as Rapidshare, for example)  providing the same kind of services. Mediafire is a big Internet resource where you can download any kind of files since majority of them are “open”, meaning they are not protected. Only a small percentage is protected by a passwords.  This brief tutorial will show you how to overcome and bypass Mediafire limitation and get all its pages (links) by performing special Google Searches.

Let’s say that you want to look for a special file having a particular name. In our case the file we are looking for has got the following name: Firefox. Basically, we want to look for Firefox standalone file. Here are some Google Searches you can perform in order to spot such a file and download it from Mediafire.

Of course you can change the name of the file and the file extension in order to fit your needs. What follows are a few examples:

You can Search Mediafire using other Google queries, of course. Other searches may include:

  • Mp3 (Audio file extension).
  • Wma (Audio file extension – Windows Media Audio).
  • Wmv (Video file extension – Windows Media Video).
  • Avi (Video file extension).

If you think that searching Mediafire with Google might be a little tricky for you above all when it comes to “building” search queries, you might take into consideration to use http://mediafiresearch.net This website is nothing else than a search engines which is specialized to search among thousand Mediafore webpages. It works in a very easy way. Fill in the field with your keywords, select the type of files you are looking for from the drop down menu (video, music etc) and press the search button!

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