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autosave passwordsIf you have a lot of passwords and usernames to remember, you might need a kind of autosave password feature on your Google Chrome and Firefox which lets you autosave your private data without asking. Such a feature is  available on Internet Explorer and it is very handy and time saver! On the other side it could be a little risky to leave your browser to automatically remember your passwords as they could be used by other users  if you share your computer with your coworkers, family members etc. Nonetheless it is quite useful!  This small tutorial will show you how to turn on the feature on your Google Chrome and Firefox in a couple of steps.

Before starting, let me tell you right away that Google Chrome doesn’t implement the autosave password feature among its settings. The Google Team thinks that it could be quite a dangerous feature since you could forget about it thus allowing the browser saving your most important data. The extension I am going to show you are intended to force Chrome to ask you to save and store your passwords in its database. In fact, some websites and blogs have got the “autocomplete” feature in its webpages off by default. This will prevent Chrome from asking you to save the passwords.

Autocomplete=On is a very useful extension for your Chrome which changes ‘autocomplete=off’ to ‘autocomplete=on’ in web pages, so your passwords will be remembered. Most of us think that when the browser doesn’t prompts to remember your password it only means that there is something wrong with the browser itself. Wrong! In fact, sometimes it is the website which has got a special feature which prevent the browser from asking you to save your password! Note: If after installing such extension, Chrome will continue not to ask you to save password, please empty the browser cache and refresh the page.

Also Firefox has not added the famous autosave password feature for the same security reasons I mentioned above for Google Chrome. However, things here are a little easier. In fact, thanks to a video I found on YouTube, you will be able to modify a javascript file within Firefox which is responsible to the famous warning asking you “Do you want Firefox to remember your password?” . Once such a file has been modified with a special piece of code, you will be able to save usernames and passwords without being notified! In order to use the instructions explained in the video tutorial, you will have to download and install Notepad++ first. In fact, the instructions refer to lines (such as:  replace the entire line from 800 to 869..) and Notepad++ add to the javascript code rows numbers to easily identify them.


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One Comment to “How to Turn On Autosave Password in Google Chrome and Firefox”

  1. Hamry Says:

    Hey, i use my lappy privately and just need something that chrome does not ask me to save d password or not when i enter ny new password.. how to do that thru N++??

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