How to Underline Text and Words in a PDF Document

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underline pdfIf you wish to underline any portion of text and certain words in Adobe PDF Reader you might be at loss on how to do that and actually you could even miss the whole opportunity to achieve such a result since you might not find the right option. In fact, despite the option is right in the Adobe Reader upper toolbar, the average users might miss it because it is a little misleading and tricky to understand and spot. This quick guide will show you how to enable the underlining option thanks to a little trick. (only works on Adobe reader 10 and further versions).

  1. Open your PDF file using  Adobe PDF Reader.
  2. On the upper toolbar, click the underline/highlight icon. Such a icon is located at the right end of the toolbar. It should be the last but one.
  3. Now, go to the text or words you wish to underline and highlight whatever you like by clicking and holding the left button on the mouse.
  4. If you wish to turn off and remove the highlighting from the text, right click the underlined text and from the menu select Delete.
  5. Done!

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