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facebook password decryptor

In case you forgot your Facebook username and password, don’t worry! Actually it is very easy to recover and retrieve (or even steal) them from you computer and without resetting and restoring any account! In fact, forgetting account passwords is so common that in the Internet there are dozens of free software which are devoted to…save your life. I have already covered topics like this with tons of tutorials which explained to you how to recover your Google password, or how to get back your Router password and many many others. The free application I am about to show you is “specialized” so to speak with Facebook private login information, so download it right away and keep it at hand, just in case something goes wrong. Keep in mind that this application  will also let you steal Facebook passwords from any computer. So please be careful when you use public computers. Remember to delete all your sensitive information as well as clear the cache of these public machines to prevent other people and bad-hackers from stealing your secrets! While using outside Wi-fi  hot spots, also be-aware of the Firesheep Firefox extension which is able to steal any password send via wi-fi.

FacebookPasswordDecryptor is a free utility which recovers your Facebook password and username from the most famous web browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera etc. and messenger. Basically it crawls software installed on your computer and as soon as it detects an encrypted Facebook password it will try to recover it. You have to know that majority of browsers use their own proprietary encryption mechanism to store the login passwords. However with FacebookPasswordDecryptor this won’t be an issue anymore as such software manages to decrypt even the most difficult and secured scrambled , encrypted password…instantly!

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4 Comments to “Retrieve and Recover Facebook Password and Username from Any Computer”

  1. Faraz Tasleem Says:

    my password is hacked so plz tried to change my password wanna i will slapt on your face

  2. norma janis Says:

    tried to change my paasword don’t know what is wrong can’t get into my facebook account

  3. carollyn coffey Says:

    tried to change password…did something wrong…now I can’t get into my facebook account….

  4. Tammy Says:

    I need help getting my password back …. my facebook was hacked

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