How to Downgrade Google Chrome to Earlier Versions

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Downgrade ChromeDespite Google updates Chrome browser quite often, some user might wish to downgrade his Google Chrome browser and restore it to earlier and previous versions. The reason behind this apparent insane choice is that maybe the user needs a special extension which is only available in old Chrome versions or maybe, for some unknown reasons, the latest update messed the Google browser making it completely incompatible with his operating system. Whatever the reason, the following guide will show you how to restore older Google Chrome versions on your computer.

Now, you have to know that it is not sufficient to uninstall and remove Google Chrome on your machine and install an older version. In fact, the uninstalling procedure is not perfect as it  leaves leftovers in your machine such as your Google Profile for example which is only compatible with the latest Chrome release. In order to make the downgrade possible you will have to remove it completely

  1. As a first step you will have to uninstall and delete Google Chrome.
  2. Now, you will have to delete the Google Profile. Here is the location where you will be able to find it:
  3. If you own Windows 7:  Click Start – Click My Computer – Click (C:) – Go to User – Your User Name – AppData. If you can not find AppData it means that it is hidden by default. So, click Organize locate on the upper sidebar, on the left side – Options –  Open the Visualize tab –  Click the Show hidden folders and files radio button – click OK.

    If you own Windows XP:  Follow the above path as well. Instead of AppData you will find a folder called “Application Data”. Please make sure to click the Show Hidden folders and files option otherwise you won’t find the Application data folder.

  4. For Windows 7 users,  after AppData,  go to the Local folder.
  5. Now go to the Google folder.
  6. Delete the Chrome folder.
  7. For Windows PXp users, after Application Data, go to the Google folder and delete the Chrome folder.
  8. For all. After you have deleted the Google Chrome folder you will be able to download and install a previous and older Chrome browser version.

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