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Grooveshark ripper

Grooveshark is a legal, online music search engine able to stream thousands of songs. A  couple of  Web Talk readers asked me if there are any free Grooveshark ripper able to save and rip music from this great website. To tell you the truth, before finding a valid, free solution to this issue I had to search the Internet quite a lot. In fact, apparently there are not free utility able to rip streaming music from website like Grooveshark and, useless to say, the quest was quite hard. In the end I found something which will do the trick  in a couple of easy steps. The  solution is a free program called WireShark whose goal is to capture and cache streaming audio and save it on your computer.

WireShark is a free, open-source, Internet packer analyzer able to capture any data send over the Internet. Here is the easy tutorial that will show you how to save anything from GrooveShark!

  1. Download WireShark and install it on your computer. Keep in mind that such utility is free and open source so you don’t have to pay anything to get it!
  2. Open WireShark and click Options – Capture.
  3. Under the Capture Filter section, simply enter port 80 and start capturing.
  4. Now go to GrooveShark and start capturing your music. (Hey! That’s the easiest part!).
  5. At this point on WireShark main widow you should be able to see a lot of lines and commands.
  6. On the upper left side of WireShark you should be able to see a field, a filter box. Enter  http.content_type == "audio/mpeg".
  7. Click Enter of your keyboard.
  8. WireShark system will return you only one line. This line correspond to the song you are listening to!
  9. Click the line once. Hit Stop if the program will try to process it. Now, in  the middle pane click the Media Type line (again, Stop if necessary). Now, in order to save the song, right-click the Media Type line, and choose Export Selected Packet Bytes (This will cache the song on your PC).
  10. Save the file you just got  somewhere as an mp3 file. To do this, simply choose All Files as  filetype.

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9 Comments to “WireShark Analyzer. A Great GrooveShark Ripper Solution”

  1. Nom DeGuerre Says:


    This clearly goes against Grooveshark’s terms of service (http://www.grooveshark.com/terms):

    “Any musical work made available via the Service is intended for Streaming only. Streaming meaning the transmission of an audiovisual work via the Internet from the Service to a user’s device in such a manner that the data is intended for real-time listening and not intended to be copied, stored, permanently downloaded, or redistributed by the user. Accessing any musical work for any purpose or in any manner other than Streaming is expressly prohibited.”

  2. mirtha Says:

    try groovedown.me

  3. Antonio Says:

    I have to add that in order to find the stream I also had to use a different filter

    http.content_type == “application/x-www-form-urlencoded”

    together with the slightly different method

  4. Antonio Says:

    I’ve tried this method but didn’t always work. Here I’ve found a slightly different method that worked better for me (especially when using the radio feature).

    Thanks anyway, very useful post!

  5. Chloe Says:

    Thanks! My version of Wireshark crashes when I try to stop the processing. You can also right click > follow TCP stream > Save As, but you might have to edit the file and remove the HTTP headers with Notepad++ before it will play.

  6. John Smith Says:

    IDM works flawlessly as well and it appears as a floating popup for each song played. Sad part is that it is a trail and not freeware. However, once you upgrade your browser to FF4/IE9 – ur screwed (and it’s not reversible thus far).

  7. Noah E Crocker Says:

    Pure awesome! Wireshark is an excellent tool indeed…

    Long live geeks!

  8. Luser, 136,616th Baron of Usenet Says:

    Boss, I understand Wireshark might scare non-geeks, but please don’t put this information on the web. I know it will get you traffic but the more people who know about it, the more likely they are to take Grooveshark away. You know what the RIAA and their international partners are like, Grooveshark could end up with it’s agreements cancelled and a cease-and-desist.

  9. rochan Says:

    dude i stumbled upon an application which claims to download grooveshark songs. i haven’t tried it yet, but from the looks of it, it seems ok. application name is: groovedown. fortunately though, i also stumbled upon your tip and i do have wireshark installed (using it in my CISCO courses). thanks though!

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