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download calculator gadgetBefore starting with the explanation where to download Windows 7 Notepad gadget and the useful Windows calculator gadget you have to know that such “utilities” are the most known and used in Windows operating systems. In fact, they help you perform those basic, daily tasks such as calculation and taking notes down in a very smooth and easy way. Differently from the classic, well-know Windows notepad and Windows calculator applications, the gadgets just sit on your Windows sidebar (or desktop in the undocked mode) and are quickly ready for you to use without browsing inside Windows options and features. Let’s see where to download them for free!

Large Notepad gadget

This notepad is a re-written version of the most famous Windows Vista Notepad gadget. In fact, it shares the same look but differently from it, it has got a whole bunch of incredible features. Well, first of all it is bigger and easy to use, secondly you can choose different fonts and sizes. If you want to download it, visit this Microsoft gallery.live.com link.

Vista Calculator

This simple Vista-style calculator (which of course is compatible with Windows 7) is a bare-bone calculator which allows you to make all the basic mathematical operations. The only issue is that it misses and decimal point! To download it, visit this Microsoft page.


This calculator can be considered complete meaning that it offers you a whole set of options to play with including scientific mode, it works with with mouse or keyboard, custom background and custom colors. To download it, visit this Microsoft gallery page.

To install install gadgets you will have to download them first by clicking the Download button on the Gallery.Live page. After that you will be asked if you want to install them on your Windows 7 OS. Click yes. After that, right click any empty space on your desktop, click the Gadget option and select the gadget you just downloaded.

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2 Comments to “Download Windows 7 Notepad Gadget and Calulator Gadget”

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  2. Dennis F. Says:

    Included in Win 7 is a Sticky Notes app that looks just like Post-it Notes. They can be resized, color changed, and moved all over the desktop. There is also a freeware program Sticker Lite available at sticky-notes.net. It has quite a few more features such as the ability to be sent over LAN or Internet, printed, & customized. I haven’t tried this program yet.

    For quick notes, I prefer a sticky note to Notepad. As a NotePad replacement, I use Notepad++, which is freeware. This maybe overkill for some, but it is much better for formatting programs such as C & C++.

    Chrome has a widget Chromey Calculator. Besides regular calculations, it will do conversions, as well as accept language inputs. I find this very, very useful. It sits next to the input window as a pie icon so it is quite small and out of the way until you need it. There is also an extension which adds additional capabilities. Hope this helps.

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