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hide facebook statusFacebook lets you make a lot of new friends on the Internet. However, you might wish to remove your private information such as your online buy generic valium diazepam cheap no rx status so that only a few friends and users will know what you are really doing at the moment. Of course, Facebook gives you the chance to block certain unwanted people from gain access to your profile (it also gives you the opportunity to temporary deactivate your profile). But sometimes what you just need is a way to hide certain information about yourself while still allowing your friends to access your …life facts! This brief tutorial will teach you how to remove your status from your personal page from a selected and limited group of people.

  1. Login to your Facebook profile.
  2. Click the Status link on the upper left side of your personal page.
  3. Click the Lock icon.
  4. Click the Customize link from the drop down menu.
  5. A window called Custom Privacy will pop-up on your screen. Such a window contains some useful option regarding your privacy. There you will be able to customize the way your status updates will appear on your screen. In fact, you will be able to make your updates visible to: Only Me, Specific people (or group of chosen people), Friends Only and Friends of Friends.
  6. You can also make your choice as default setting by ticking the checkbook located on the left-right side of the window.
  7. Click Save Settings to confirm.

A similar Facebook privacy protection setting can also be found on this guide on how to hide recent tagged photos on your profile.

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3 Comments to “How to Hide and Remove Online Status on Facebook”

  1. Yevgeni Says:

    Can I do it only before publishing the status or I can change who to show after as well?

  2. Raffy Garcia Says:

    not literally “status link”
    just click the word status and this word contains a “link”

  3. Teri Greene Says:

    What is “the Status link”? I see nothing that I could call a “Status link.”

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