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google talk 2011Google has just released a bunch of new features for its Google Talk (available in 2011)! So let’s see where to download it right away. But before doing this, I would like to remind what Google Talk (aka Gtalk) is. Google Talk is the only chat client directly provided by Google. During these years Google has improved a lot this chat software by adding new and incredible features thus turning the application from a simple chat tool to a multi-use software able to send SMS, upload and download files and make phone calls!

The latest Google Gtalk version (2011) can be downloaded directly from this Google Talk download page. Alternatively, it can also be downloaded directly by clicking this link (Standalone link)  Here is a list of the latest key features available on Gtalk:

  • File Transfer. Send unlimited files to your friends in a secure and private way. The peer-to-peer service provided by Google is fast and reliable and let you send files without any size restriction.
  • Voice Mail. You can  leave voicemail messages for your friends who don’t use Google Talk–they’ll receive an email with the message attached as an audio file.
  • Share music. Are you listening music while chatting with your friends? Share your music thanks to the new feature “Show current music track”.
  • Chat Group. Chat with multiple people  using the Google Talk Gadget.
  • New Emoticons. Use new, funny emoticons and amaze your friends!

If you want to know the latest Google Talk feature, visit this “What’s New?” link. Google will post all the new features for Google talk as soon as they will be released!

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    i like google talk .is very strong application

  4. Web Talk Says:

    I just correted it! Ehm…I am just experimenting with keywords! 😉

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    sorry: bullshit. This is Google Talk from 2007 😉 Check the signatures.

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