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facebook profile trackerHow many times have you ask this to yourself?  Is it possible to know who is viewing and reading your Facebook Profile thanks to a profile tracker, for example? Can people know if I am viewing their Facebook profile?  These are questions my readers ask me a lot of times. I have to tell you the truth, I never reply to this kind of questions because the reply is so obvious that I think such people do not deserve any reply. However, recently these questions got revamped and I am getting at least four of five of them referring to this ” insane” possibility. So, let me clarify a couple of things about Facebook and its policy that maybe you didn’t know about.

Knowing who is looking at your Facebook profile  would be a real dream to a lot of users. However, put yourself at peace because at the time writing such odd hypothesis  is not possible at all because of the very nature of Facebook itself.

Facebook is a one of those oasis where your privacy really matters. Don’t forget about it! As a consequence, Facebook doesn’t provide its users any kind of profile tracker. Furthermore, Facebook doesn’t let any third party application that could track users’ habits work on its pages.  “Applications that claim to give you this ability will be removed from Facebook for violating policy.”

So, be careful of those websites and software programmers who state that they can create or have applications which can record and track people on Facebook. They are scams or scammers!

Even a very famous website called unfaced.com which claims, thanks to a tracking code, to be able to track who is viewing your profile  doesn’t really work, at least in the terms you would like to. In fact, unfaced.com requires you to click a link and go back to their website, so as you see you can not control who is looking at your profile.

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3 Comments to “Can I Really Know Who Is Viewing My Facebook Profile?”

  1. brenda Says:

    I want to know people who are not my friend on facebook nd thy are viewing my facebook profile

  2. lj Says:

    can i really know who view my profile?

  3. faridfox Says:

    I don’t care who is watching my profile on FB.

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