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powerpoint 2010

Microsoft Office Team has recently released a wonderful, free set of  Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 templates for everybody to download! As stated on the Microsoft Office blog. “Happy to announce that all 165 templates created by PowerPoint MVP Julie Terberg are now available as free downloads at Office.com. You can use these templates as-is, or unlock your inner designer”. Such free templates are part of an ambitious project, called PPT65 project that aimed to reach 165 PPT templates (with nice animated effects) to release on the Internet. Let’s see where to download  them!

These templates are located under the “Example Slides Effects with Instructions” on this Microsoft Powerpoint page and are all compatible with PowerPoint 2010 only.

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4 Comments to “Download Free Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 Templates”

  1. mommarose Says:

    agreed em. microsoft is very helpful and nice in offering these helpful little things but you do have to not just download every one individually, but powerpoint does load after each one and sometimes it is quite difficult to firgure out where everything is and how to access each template and what ever it is that you desire…uggh! but blessing none the less huh?

  2. mustafa Says:

    this is a nice work ……
    thaaaanx alot

  3. em Says:

    while i’m not ungrateful for microsoft’s generous offer, your readers should know:

    not only must one download each and every template individually… after each successful download powerpoint loads!

    what a nuisance.

  4. Dennis F. Says:

    BTW, there are a total of 166 Power Point templates included in “Example Slides Effects with Instructions”, of which 8 are for 2007 (or at least that is how they are labeled). Don’t know why their blog says 165. There are also many, many other templates for PP on other subjects as well. Also the correct name is “PPT165”. In reading the fine print, it says the templates will also work with PP 2007, but I haven’t tried any yet, being mostly an Excel user.

    There are also many templates available for Excel. There is a filter that allows you to search versions for 2003-2007 or 2010. I highly recommend them and use them for my clients.

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