How to Play Any Song Online, for Free!

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online musicThere are a lot of ways to listen to and play any song you want online, without any restriction and for free! I am talking about legal ways, legal websites and programs which give you the great opportunity to  listen to (no download allowed…officially) your favorite songs, on demand. All you have to do is type the song’s title or the singer’s name on the search box and the song will start automatically. The whole trick behind these “too-good-to-be-true” websites and free software is called buy cheap ambien zolpidem generic no rx online streaming. A streaming provider or a streaming network converts any MP3, wma file to a streaming flux which is then received, reassembled at the receiver and played a second or two later. The caveat here is that you are not allowed to own the song or the file itself (you should buy it). You are only allowed to listen to it!  Let’s see where to play any favorite song you want instantly and for free!

GrooveShark is a streaming website which lets you play any song directly from your computer without any need to download software. It works in a very easy way. On its main page there is a Search box, type the name of the song or the artist. GrooveShark will try to autocomplete what you are typing with singers and songs available on its database. Select the song, press play and listen to it right away! GrooveShark was developed by three University of Florida undergraduate students who wanted to apply the concept of selling used CDs on the Internet. After they created the website they abandoned the idea and started streaming music for free. The website is totally for free. However if you want you can upgrade!

As said on the website there are two subscription offers: Grooveshark Plus and Grooveshark Anywhere. They cost $6 and $9 a month, respectively, and come with different perks. If you’re a Plus subscriber, you won’t see any ads on Grooveshark, have access to a variety of custom site skins, and will be able to use the Desktop application. If you are a  Anywhere subscriber you will have all the benefits belonging to the first package, plus you will be able to take Grooveshark with you on your supported mobile device.

GrooveShark,  to play song online, needs Adobe Flash plugin. Talking about GrooveShark. Read my guide on how to rip GrooveShark!

Quisple is a nice application which will let you play music for free! The idea is to give you a virtual music player able to play all your favorite song directly from your desktop! Quisple is nothing else than a shortcut to Youtube. As we all know, YouTube contains thousands and thousands of video clips. Every song you play with Quisple is linked back to its original on Youtube.

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