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set curson on Google box

Google Instant Search shortcuts give you a nice experience when it comes to searching the Web. However there are two tricks to put and set the cursor on Google Search box (by using your keyboard, of course)  which could help you greatly  in order to save valuable time during your Internet searches.  In fact, Google put and added two interesting features which are rather unknown but which might be quite valuable to “Hard Searchers”. Both of them involve the enhancement and the use of the cursor movements thanks to a couple of shortcuts!

Multiple, fast Google Searches

In case you  performed a query on Google by using a specific keyword and the results you got are not the want you expected, you have to know that there is a better way to start your searches all over again. In fact, normally you should place your cursor on the Google Search box, delete everything and type the new keyword. But here comes the trick or shortcut!

  1. Perform a Search on Google with your desired keyword.
  2. The results are not “cool” and you wish to start with a new query.
  3. Click Esc on your keyboard.
  4. This will highlight the keyword on the Google box.
  5. Type the new keyword. The old one will be automatically replaced by new one.
  6. So no need to manually put the curson on the box!

Perform new Google Search without clicking to move the cursor

  1. Perform a Search on Google with your desired keyword.
  2. You reached the bottom of the Google Search result page.
  3. You want to add new keywords to the one which is already on the Google Search box.
  4. Simply, press space and start typing a new keyword.
  5. Again, no need to place the cursor onthe search box!

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One Comment to “Quick Tricks to Set Cursor on Google Search Box”

  1. Dennis F. Says:

    This is very good. Thanks. As a avid Google user this will help my carpal tunnel wrists.

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