What and Where is Facebook Masthead?

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facebook mastheadRecently, there is a lot of stir on the Internet due to the elusive  “Facebook Masthead” term. Where can you find Facebook Masthead? Well, before talking about where, I think we should talk about what this term means!  The whole story started with the movie “The Social Network” which spins around the most famous social network on the Internet: Facebook. If you haven’t watched the movie and wish to know more, read this Wikipedia article. In the movie there are a lot of references to this rather unknown term. Technically speaking a Masthead is a list, found on the editorial page of a newspaper or magazine which lists the publisher, editorial board, advertising rates, etc. On Facebook there is an interesting page, which almost nobody knows, which contains interesting information about the founder, co-founders, factsheets, executives, a time line with all the important facts and occurrences happened during Facebook’s life and other technical, interesting details!

http://www.facebook.com/press.php : This page is commonly known as Masthead. It contains a small excerpt about Facebook’s history and the latest news.  On the right of the page, you can find a menu with links pointing to other subpages , important data about its founder and co-founders as well as technical details about Facebook such as platforms used and available on Facebook, a time line with all the most important events which have marked the social network life, videos and a quite interesting page containing statistics about Facebook (which I advice you  to give a look at!)

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