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Internet Explorer 9 inprivate modeIf you want to force and enable your Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) to open the useful Inprivate Browsing mode by default you have to know that  there is an nice hack for this! As you know, latest Internet Explorer 9  (like IE8) has got among its feature the inprivate browsing that allows you to surf the web anonymously. This means that you won’t leave anything on your browser such as Internet history, cookies etc. However such a feature is on demand meaning that you will have to follow certain steps in order to turn it on and active it! But why have to repeatedly follow these steps every time you want to surf the Internet when there is a nice hack which let you automate the process and have the InPrivate browsing always on, by default?

  1. Open Your Internet Explorer 9
  2. Right-click any blank area next to the latest tab (on the left) and from the menu click Command Line.
  3. On the Command bar, click Safety and from the menu click InPrivate Browsing which should be the second option. This will turn off the InPrivate mode on Internet Explorer 9. You will also be notified by a message telling you that the InPrivate mode is activated.
  4. Now, in order to force Internet Explorer to open and show InPrivate Mode by default, click the IE9 icon on your desktop.
  5. Click the Shortcut tab and add the following command at the end of the address contained in the target field: -inprivate. (do not forget to add a space before such command!). The new line will be something like this: “C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe” –private
  6. Click OK.
  7. tUnpin the original IE 9 icon from the Taskbar. To do this, right click on the icon located on the taskbar (it is located on the bottom side of your screen.)
  8. Now, drag the Internet Explorer 9 icon on your desktop  to the Taskbar.
  9. Now, next time you will launch IE9 it will open in Inprivate Mode by default!

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One Comment to “How to Force Internet Explorer 9 to Open InPrivate Browsing Mode by Default”

  1. Steve Says:

    I think the absurd level of unintuitive complexity involved with this simple setting shows how Microsoft will just never get it. Instead of placing a little checkbox setting in the options for “Default to Private Browsing”, Microsoft makes the process as difficult as possible by requiring the passing of an argument to the executable.

    BTW: This article has numerous errors in it that never should have made it to a live page. Some of the errors even make it difficult to figure out what we are really supposed to do.

    BTW 2: This form has a bug in it so that if there is a failure upon hitting the submit comment button the comment is erased when I hit the back button. Again, why has no one in the programming world figured out how much users hate that?

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