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Free Angry BirdsIf you don’t know what Angry Birds game is, then you have been living in a cave! Angry Birds is simply the most spectacular, funny, intriguing game that will steal hundreds of hours from your spare time! It was first released for Apple iOS (iPad, iPod and iPhone) in December 2009 and became so famous that a computer version was released (it was released for almost all platforms indeed). With more than  100 million downloads across all platforms, Angry Birds is one of the most downloaded game on the Internet. Let’s see what the game is about and where you can buy it! 

A small group of green pigs stole a few eggs from nice-loving birds that soon turned out in the most combative, angry birds on the planet. The evil pigs hide in strongholds and well-guarded hidings but well, with angry birds there is no place where you can be safe. There are different kinds of birds you can use to smash pigs  houses and fortresses. Each bird has got a different powers that will let you destroy even the most fathomable hiding! Just use the catapult and thrown your birds far, far away!

Angry Birds only costs only $ 4.99. If you want to get it, click the link below:

Download Agry Birds from the official Intel AppUp

Angry Birds game is compatible with Vista and Windows 7

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86 Comments to “Angry Birds for PC. A Must-Have Game on Your Computer!”

  1. anees Says:

    let me tack this angrey bards becos i lov him very motsh i wish for angre birds com to my computer iwish

  2. dRowdy1 Says:

    ANGRY BIRDS download. Using GOOGLE CHROME, search for “ANGRY BIRDS GOOGLE APP” select the link for the CHROME GOOGLE WEBSTORE and it will take you right to the download page. Its an app for Google Chrome and to use it, open a tab and there you will find the place to open the game and play.

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