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Maplestory Mechanic Maplestory is a free MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) where users impersonate characters to fight monsters. At the time writing there are around 100 million user playing such a game! The game play is pretty simple. Players have to travel a cyber world and  fight monsters in order to develop skills and special powers. Of course players can interact with each other. They can chat, play mini games, trade goods, make party to kill hard-to defeat monsters etc. Recently, Nexon (a korean gaming corporation working and publishing the game on different regions), announced that a new Mechanic class (Maplestory Mechanic) was to MapleStory on January 19th. This means that now players will be able to add mechanical devices as well as robots. (for more info read this Nexon webpage). Since the build of such robots and special devices as well as the powers of this new character is pretty unknonw,users are all looking for places where it is possible to download Maplestory Mechanic Guide to help them understand this new entry in the gameplay and what role it is have to defeat enemies!

News and guides for the Maplestory Mechanic character are very scarce on the Internet and actually the infos regarding it are scattered in a lot of different places so, at the time writing is not possible to download it from a parciular source. However, after looking on different websites and forums I have managed to find something. What follows are some guides  I have manged to find on forum threads:

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