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Facebook notifications to Yahoo MailThis article will explain how to turn off and stop Facebook email Notifications from populating your Yahoo Mail account. As you know, Facebook has got a nice feature which notifies you by email when somebody try to contact you on your Facebook page. However, if you have got a lot of friends your Yahoo email inbox folder might become cluttered. Almost surely, you’ll  end up missing important emails! In this small guide I will describe two solutions to solve this issue. The first one will let you disable Facebook notification directly from your Facebook account. The second one will let you move Facebook notification emails to a Yahoo Mail folder of your choice so that your inbox will stay clean. This last solution is very effective in those cases where you still want to receive alerts but you want to keep them separated from your “regular” emails.

Stop Facebook email notification using Facebook settings

  1. Login to your Facebook account.
  2. Click the account link located on the left side of your Facebook profile.
  3. From the drop down menu, click Account Settings.
  4. Click the Notification tab.
  5. Uncheck the checkboxes to fine tune notifications and messages according to  your preferences. For example, you can decide not to get a notification on your email address when somebody sends you a message, pokes you, tag you in photos etc.

Disable Facebook email notification by setting a filter on Yahoo Mail

  1. Login to your Yahoo Mail account.
  2. Click the Add link located on the upper left side of your Yahoo Mail menu, right under “my Folders” (where all your email folders are located).
  3. Name the folder Facebook Alerts.
  4. Now, on the upper right side of your Yahoo Mail account, click Options.
  5. From the drop down menu, click Mail Options.
  6. On the Mail Option page, on the left pane, click Filters.
  7. Click the Add Filter button.
  8. In the Filter name write Facebook.
  9. Add these rules to the other field:
  10. From Header= contains – Facebook
    Move the message to= Facebook Alerts

  11. Click the Save button on the top filter taskbar.
  12. Done!

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One Comment to “How to Turn Off and Stop Facebook Email Notifications in Yahoo Mail Account”

  1. paul scott Says:

    the ever invasive facebook has shifted things around to make it more difficult to keep them out of your email.
    To get rid of this menace. you have to

    click the down arrow extreme right

    click account settings … and from here no, sorry . you can not delete your email, you can only add another address where facebook will invade you further

    go to the tab on the left of general facebook setting

    third down is notifications click notifications
    go to the bottom of the page all notifications

    click facebook and unclick notifications

    hard to believe the monster ego this application has, it goes out of its way to take over your email

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