How to Easily Open Multiple Links on Web Pages in Google Chrome

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Open multiple=If time matters to you while surfing the Internet, then this  extension is right for you. It will let you open multiple links on pages while using your Google Chrome browser. One click and you will be able to open all links on different tabs for better and quick view.  A couple of years ago I spoke about a Firefox add-on which let you do the same thing, but since then things have moved on a little further. Now we have Google Chrome and a  lot of users have switched to this fast and reliable browser.  So why not use Chrome incredible speed to our advantage and manage to see more websites and blogs at once?

Linky is an incredible application for Google Chrome which allows you to “Opens all selected links that are currently highlighted in new tabs”.  In this way you will manage to browse through a lot of webpages without spending a lot of time to open them one-by-one. Just select your links, click your mouse and you are done. Multiple links will be opened on new tabs. An interesting Linky feature warns you if there are more than 20 tabs that will be opened on Chrome so that to have a good idea of the stuff you are going to download on your browser!

Snap Link Lite is another smart extension for Chrome that will open all the multiple links you are interested in on a website at once and without delay. All you will have to do is drag with right mouse button and that’s it! Links will be opened in one second!

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