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Switch  from ie9 to ie8A lot of users just dislike the new Internet Explorer 9. That’s why they want to downgrade and switch from Internet Explorer 9 to earlier versions such IE8, for example. In the past I have covered a similar issue when I wrote about way to downgrade latest Google Chrome version. The main reason why users want to change their latest Microsoft browser with Internet Explorer 8 is due to its slowness. In fact, it looks like tabs, pics and some website and blog take too long to open and this annoy a large number of users. That’s a pity because Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) in terms of security is the best browser Microsoft has ever made! Whatever the reason, here is the easy step-by-step procedure to switch your Internet Explorer 9 to older and less secure versions (you are forewarned!).

  1. Click Start.
  2. Click Control Panel.
  3. Click Uninstall a Program under the Programs category section. (left pane)
  4. Now, simply click View installed updates link.
  5. Click Internet Explorer 9 from the Microsoft Windows updates list and uninstall it. This is quite important because without this step you won’t be able to replace your Internet Explorer.
  6. When prompted by a small Windows, click Yes.
  7. Now Restart your  computer for the changes to take full effect. This will automatically let you switch your Internet Explorer to older versions. No other stps are required from your side!
  8. When your computer is fully operative, just click the Internet Explorer icon on your desktop and you should face the old Internet Explorer 8 or 7!

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2 Comments to “How to Switch from Internet Explorer 9 to 8”

  1. Alexey Says:

    Dennis F, the problem is not if FF or Chrome. The problem is in developers of those sites, because the optimize only for IE. Probably under pressure from Microsoft. I’m a developer myself, and believe me – IE is the worst browser of all times. You just should not use it, and you should talk to sites support and ask them to fix the sites for them to work properly not only in IE.

  2. Dennis F. Says:

    If I wasn’t so entrenched in Chrome I’d probably be using IE 9. It is very fast for me. I tried the new Firefox Beta and hated it. Just couldn’t get used to it – the layout was too confusing and it wouldn’t open some sites. Thought the released version was better. The only problem I’ve had with Chrome has been with my MasterCard site. It opens briefly then I get a blank window. I switch over to IE 9 and it works fine. Doesn’t happen all the time, maybe 90%. Anyone else have this problem? It happens with a few other sites too, but they never open at all. Ah, computers are like women I guess. Can’t live with them; can’t live without them.

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