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facebook securityNowadays it is quite easy to be hacked by ill-intentioned people. That’s why you should always set Facebook Secure HTTPS login which is a special secure, encrypted login page which uses (SSL) Secure Sockets Layer technology to protect Facebook users from being hijacked! As stated on the official Facebook blog, security is an important issue to Facebook and this is why they have decided to embed this special, encrypted page. The HTTPS page is not turned on and enabled by default. In fact, as explained on the Facebook blog, such secure  login takes longer to load and secondly “some Facebook features, including many third-party applications, are not currently supported in HTTPS”. This article will show you how to enable such a page by going to your Facebook Security settings. 

  1. Login to your Facebook account.
  2. On the upper-right side of your profile, click the Account link.
  3. From the drop down menu, select Account Settings.
  4. Under Account Security, click the Change link.
  5. You should be now able to see the Account Security Section.
  6. Tick the Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) whenever possible checkbox.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Next time you will login to your Facebook profile you should get the secure SSL webpage. To check if you have got such security page, simply have a look the your browser Web address field. If the Facebook webpage contains HTTPS your connection will be secure!

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17 Comments to “How to Enable and Set Facebook Secure HTTPS Login”

  1. brenda wagoner Says:

    I cant get a secure setting, where it should show the green lock i see a sheet of paper with the rt corner folded down, what does this mean?

  2. atrayee dasgupta Says:

    i cannot get into my fb a/c since i turned on my secure browsing,how to undo it? as a result i can,t contact my friends.please help me and contact me thru my email add.thanx

  3. Mary Louise Byrne Says:

    I can no longer log into my Facebook account since it is https. It will not allow me to remove the “s” so I don’t know where to go now. Please, someone, tell me what to do.

  4. carla Says:

    I have been having severe problems trying to get onto my facebook accounts as well as 46 other friends an family and we didnt ask for it,and after all money we spent in fville an other games and then not be able to get to anything is gotten way out of hand.Please find out how it was done& undo it.Thank You,Carla Pearson& family,&friends

  5. Dana Says:

    I cannot get into anything anymore with out a hassle since I turned on the secure browsing. I am ready to just quit as I have tried everything.

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