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ie9 reminder A very irritating feature in Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) beta is a little prompt bar (pop-up) asking you to disable addons. Well, somebody should stop it for good as it is very irritating! Basically, this is just a nagging reminder which contains the following message: “Speed up startup and browsing by disabling add-ons”. The irritating thing is that it keeps appearing whenever you start the browser so that in the end you are force to follow its “advice”.  In fact you have 3 options. You can click “Ask me later”, or the “x” every time you open a new tab or window, or disable addon. Now, the issue is that there is not setting in Internet Explorer 9 to tweak as the popup is  triggered by the performance monitoring built directly into Windows 7 operating system when it notices an incompatible addon. Let’s see how to stop the reminder thanks to a simple trick!

  1. When the “Speed up startup and browsing…” message appears , click Disable addons.
  2. Now, increase the time in the “Tell me when the total add-on time is…” in order to stop the thing asking and bothering you.
  3. Keep in mind that the more you increase the time the more you won’t see the message!

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7 Comments to “How to Stop Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) from Asking You to Disable Add-ons”

  1. Jerry Says:

    Thax Mox that had been annoying the hell out of me for 6 months, now I can be a happy person again 🙂

  2. Mox Says:

    I saw your response because I had the same problem, but I went to the Microsoft site and found a better solution tha seemed to work, here it is:
    hit the start button

    type gpedit.msc in the search bar hit enter

    Under Computer Configuration, expand Administrative Templates

    Click on Internet Explorer, you will find the “Disable add on performance notifications” option in there

  3. j.j. Says:

    how annoying how stupid is I.E.any way??? idiotic redundancy

  4. TERRY B Says:


  5. dave Says:

    cheers, i was nearly considering disabling my antivirus just to shut ie9 up ;p

  6. Darryl Gittins Says:

    Thanks for this – what a horrible feature it is, too!

  7. PowerTorsk Says:

    Thanks! I needed this! 🙂

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