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Firefox addon finder

As you know there are nice tricks to search Google for file extensions such as videos, music, documents and even passwords.  However, the syntax and the exact commands to force Google (as well as Yahoo, Bing etc.) to search what that specific file extension might be a little hard to remember. In fact, it involves special characters and queries that, useless to say, need to be written down somewhere otherwise you will forget them right away. What you need instead is something else, a kind of extension finder which, by clicking a button, is able to look for whatever you need without all the hassle involved in the process!  Let’s see how to achieve such a result thanks to a nice Firefox extension (or addon) which is able to turn your browser to a real file finder!

Advanced Search for Firefox is an interesting add-on adding new, extra, functions to your Firefox. It is able to extends search functions of Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ixquick and Ask.com in order to search for special file extensions such as: html, .pdf, .txt, .avi, .doc, .docx, .xls,  .jpeg etc. Other features include:

  • Selection between web site search or Internet search.
  • Restrict your search for e. g. images, videos, documents or addresses (if the search engine support it).
  • Use of preferred browser language as long as search engine supports their language.
  • Search for highlighted text.
  • Use of HTTPS for “Google SSL beta” and “Ixquick” for increased security.

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