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bing backgroundsAs you know Bing search engine has got wonderful backgrounds (some of them are even of HD quality) which change on a daily basis. Such backgrounds can be downloaded and saved as  desktop wallpapers on your Windows 7, Windows Vista and XP. However, finding the right free application that lets you use these beautiful Bing photos and pictures can be quite hard, sometimes. In fact, what you need is a kind of wallpaper downloader which, in a few easy steps, will let you perform all the above steps (save and set) in a couple of clicks. Recently, I came across a nice utility which will help you get  Bing images and use them for your own needs.

Bingrounder is a nice, free utility (compatible with all Windows operating systems) which will automatically save the image of the day from Bing and will use it as wallpaper on your computer. The utility is free of charge and runs in the background, automatically. This means that, after you install it on your system, it  will start working by itself without any outer intervention.

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2 Comments to “Use Bing Backgrounds as Wallpapers on Windows Operating Systems”

  1. Free Bing Image Downloader Says:

    I have developed a software that can download images automatically from the internet based on your keyword. All you have to do is provide a keyword, number of images to be downloaded and at a click of a button all images are downloaded. You can check it at Image Downloader .NET by Jangedoo.co.cc

  2. Dennis F. Says:

    Good find, but I think I found the ultimate wallpaper site: wallbase.net.
    Right now they have 626,262 wallpapers, 167,00 in high res. Fast and free. You can also use filters to knock out NSFW backgrounds. Over 3,000 for Dr. Who. Just tons of free wallpaper. Enjoy.

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