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Google Art Project tricks

Google has recently released the interesting Google Art Project website.  Google Art Project is an online, global museum. It contains a big, huge online compilation of thousands of artworks from Galleries scattered all over the world. You can also “navigate” such galleries thanks to a navigation system which is similar to other, most famous Google web-utilities such as Google Earth and Google Maps, for example. Google Art Projct is rather plain and simple to use and apparently there are not a lot of options to play with. However, as no manual has been written yet, the regular user may need useful tricks which will surely help him find hidden features he might not be aware of!

  1. As soon as you open the main page, Google Art Project will show you a zoomed-in detail of a famous artwork. To view the full painting, click the small thumbnail located on the left of the webpage, inside the Google Project black square.
  2. Once you have clicked the thumbnail you will be able to see the full painting on the browser. On the bottom-left of such a page you will be able to zoom-in and zoom-out the artwork.
  3. On the upper-right side of the page you should be able to see a “i” word with a couple of “arrows”pointing to the left: Ex: “<< i”. Click the arrows to open a menu. On the sub-menu you will be able to find interesting information about the artwork such as: Notes, YouTube videos, artwork history, Artist information including a map section representing where the artist lives or lived, when he was born and where he died, etc.
  4. On the left of the “<< i” click the Visitor Guide icon. This will open an “How to Use the Site Section” containing a couple of YouTube videos and some facts about Google Art Project.
  5. Let’s navigate a gallery. To do it, click a museum link on the left of the webpage. Such weblink museums are located inside the black  “Art Project” square. Once you have selected a museum, you still won’t be able to navigate it as you will have to click the Explorer the Museum link located under the lower photos located in the black  “Art Project” square.
  6. Once “inside” a museum, right-click your mouse and select 3D to turn on 3D mode (you’ll need 3D goggles!). You will be able to visit the whole museum in 3D as well as view artworks in 3D!
  7. If you wish to know where the museum is located, once inside the museum, click the double arrows on the upper right-side of the page to open the menu. Now, click Location.

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