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gmail can't access emailA lot of Google Chrome users are experiencing issues after updating their Google browser. Basically, they complain that they can’t access their email accounts anymore (such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail etc.). The errors they get when trying to login their email account are different such as: “This webpage is not available”,”Error occured: This webpage has a redirect loop” , “Request-URI Too Large”  or “Error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE): Unknown error”. However, the result is just they same. Users can not access and login their email account anymore. Despite it is quite hard to find the exact issue that caused the errors above, it looks like some kind of browser incompatibility or temporary files and cookies expiration problem  might be the cause. What follows is a list of solution I have managed on different forums. 

In order to gain access to your email account, try the following tips which in some cases solved the Google Chrome issue.

  • Try to uninstall your Google Chrome extensions. Have you recently installed a new Chrome extension? Sometimes, an incompatible extension might prevent Google Chrome from accessing certain websites. Delete all of your extensions and try to login your email account again. To delete Chrome extensions click the wrench icon – Tools – Extensions – Uninstall all your extension. Restart the browser and clear your Chrome browsing cache.
  • If you get the dreaded Chrome error: “The Webpage is not Available” try out the solutions reported on this Google Chrome Help page. Sometimes, if you don’t manage to load a specific page there might issue due to cookies, malware, proxy settings ect. Again, check the webpage above. A complete list of solutions is available with simple step-by-step procedures.
  • Update the time and the date of your Router.
  • Clear Google Chrome cache. To do it, follow this simple guide. Open Chrome- click the wrench icon – Tools – Clear browsing data – a dialog box will appear on your screen, tick all the checkboxes – Click the clear Browsing data button- Restart the browser. Note: make sure to select “All” or “Everything” in the drop down menu available in the Clear browsing data section.
  • Check your Windows 7, Vista and XP time and date. To do it, left click the “Time” on the right bottom side of your screen and change the time and date accordingly.
  • If you try to login your Gmail account but you can’t, try to use the secure HTTPS web address: https://mail.google.com/.
  • If you get an error while trying to access your Gmail or can’t not login at all, click F5. This worked for some users.
  • Open a new Incognito Mode tab and visit your Email account.

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