Simple Tutorial to Uninstall and Remove Fake Windows Optimal Solution Utility

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Remove Windows Optimal SolutionThis quick tutorial will show you how to uninstall and remove the fake Windows Optimal Solution tool from your Windows 7, Windows Vista and XP. The application tries to simulate legitimates Windows all-in-one optimization utilities such as TuneUp Utilities, for example. Differently from other well-known fake antivirus I have written about in my previous posts, Windows Optimal Solution masks itself as a Windows utility rather than an antivirus. However, the result is as dangerous and harmful as other fake software since its goal is to steal your money. Nothing more, nothing less. As soon as you install it, the program will automatically perform a fake scan of your system. Of course, the result will be that your computer is not well-optimized and, in order to fix this situation, you will need to buy the full version of Windows Optimal Solution. No need to tell you that the full version doesn’t provide any protection nor does it optimizes your computer. Do not forget that the whole goal here is to trick and convince you into thinking that your computer is not OK and that you need to spend money (by using your credit card) to buy a piece of software. Everything has been packed and wrapped up to make you think that you really need Windows Optimal Solution. Even the UI (User Interface) of the software is very reassuring as it shows the well-known Microsoft Windows logo and all the eye-candy buttons you are accustomed to see in a “regular” and working application. In the meantime, the “scareware” modified your Internet Explorer browser so that every time you perform a search you will be redirected to a page where you will be able buy the software. Let’s see how to get rid and remove this pestware from your PC!

It has to be said that if you are particularly lazy, there is a kind of  “shortcut” to remove Windows Optimal Solution. In fact, you can use the System Restore tool in your Windows OS and “go back” to a previous working “snapshot” of your system.  This won’t guarantee that your computer will be completely cleared by the fake software,  so a proper full scan with your favorite antivirus is advisable.

  1. Click Start.
  2. Restart your computer.
  3. As soon as your computer starts booting keep pressing F8 on your keyboard. This will let you access the Windows Safe Mode menu.
  4. Once you have got access to the Windows Safe Mode menu, select the Safe mode with Networking mode and press Enter.
  5. The computer will automatically reboot.
  6. In Windows 7, click Start.
  7. Click Control Panel.
  8. Click System and Security.
  9. Click Action Center.
  10. Click the Recovery button located on the bottom right side of the window.
  11. Click Open System Restore button.
  12. A dialog box will appear on your screen.
  13. Click the Next button.
  14. Select a restore point which was created before your computer got infected.
  15. Click Next.
  16. Click Finish to confirm.
  17. Recommended: Scan your computer with your Antivirus. Update it to the latest definitions first. I also advise you to scan your system with free Spybot Search and Destroy.

Please note that this will delete Windows Optimal Solution but it will also delete any other legitimate software you installed after you got the malware.

This other tutorial instead will let you manually uninstall the fake software in a more deep way.

  1. Start your computer in Safe Mode. (see steps 1 to 4 of the above tutorial).
  2. Now, click Start.
  3. Click Computer.
  4. Remove the following folders and files:
  5. %Documents and Settings%\[Your_Username]\Desktop\Windows Optimal Solution.lnk
    %Documents and Settings%\[Your_Username]\Start Menu\Programs\Windows Optimal Solution
    %Documents and Settings%\[Your_Username]\Start Menu\Programs\Windows Optimal Solution\Uninstall Windows Optimal Solution.lnk

  6. If you can not remove some of the above files and folder it means that Windows Optimal Solution is running some process in the background. To get rid of them press Ctrl+Alt+Del to open Windows Task Manager and look for any process related to the fake software. Click it and  Kill it!
  7. Try to open your Internet Explorer, Firefox or any other browser. Try to perform a Google Search. Are you redirected to a website  where you can buy the full Windows Optimal Solution version? If so, follow these steps: Go to  Tools and click – Internet Options. Now, click the Internet Connections tab –  LAN settings button. Untick the  “Use a proxy server for your LAN” checkbox in the the Proxy Server section and press OK to confirm.
    For Mozilla Firefox users:  Click  Tools – Click Options – Click Advanced – Click Network – Click Settings – Check No Proxy – Click OK to confirm.
  8. Now scan your computer with a good, free, robust Antivirus such as AVG Free.
  9. Download and Install free Spybot Search and Destroy and perform a full antimalware/antispyware scan.

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