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megavideo addonAre you fed up with Megavideo time limit (72 min)? Do you want to watch Megavideo videos right away without waiting? Firefox has got an interesting Megavideo addon able to get around the painful time limit which makes you wait “a little too much” in order to watch a video! As you know, Megavideo is an hosting video website (like YouTube)  allowing you to watch, upload and download a lot of videos. The drawback of this website is that after watching 72 minutes of video watching, Megavideo will return you with the following message: “You have watched 72 mins of video today. Please wait XX  minutes or click here to enjoy unlimited use of Megavideo.” Basically, the website hints you to subscribe for a premium account in order to watch unlimited videos. Otherwise you will have to wait up to 50 minutes (and even more). Let’s see how to bypass this limit thanks to nice, free Firefox !

Cacaoweb is a free Megavideo addon for Firefox which “remove the 72min limit and all the ads on any website that shows videos from Megavideo.”  To use it, you will need to download the Cacaoweb application which is nothing else than a free software to watch, share and host videos and files online with no limits. Once you have download and installed such applications  surf any Megavideo like website, and the Cacaoweb addon will replace the Megavideo player. It will also remove the ads, as well as skip  and get around the time limit. This will let you  play almost any video.

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    You can bypass Megavideo 70 minute time limit on http://Megavideo9.com. check it out if you want..

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