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If you have got a lot of files (such as videos, documents, music etc) and folders  and wish to organize them better  you should try Tabbles then! Tabbles is a powerful application able to label and tag your files and folders easily. What does this mean? It means that you will be able to manage what your computer contains in a more efficient way! In fact, thanks to Tabbles  you can categorize any kind of file and document as well as folder and bookmark (including emails, for example) in a new, performing and effective way! But let’s see what this incredible utility can offer you!

As said Tabbles is able to organize your files and folders thanks to…Tabbles! They are nothing else than tags and virtual folders at the same time which allow you to link all your files to special projects, categories etc. without moving them. Leave them whenever they are on your PC. Tabbles will take care of them! Other features include:

  • Sort or group your files independently (or dependently) from the folder structure.
  • Find your files easily and faster by describing them in a natural way!
  • Categorize them in a very efficient way. With Tabbles you can categorize your files, folders or Internet addresses by cross-referencing them as many tabbles as you need.
  • Backup everything, craete powerful database, lock your folders.
  • Tags your emails including Gmail emails!

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One Comment to “Tabbles. The Best Way to Organize and Tag your Files and Folders”

  1. Justice Says:

    At last! Someone who understands! Thanks for pstiong!

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