How to Fix Firefox History is Blank Issue

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Firefox blank historySome Firefox user is reporting a weird bug which has not fixed  on Firefox yet. Basically, History folder is blank and doesn’t work without any reason. When user clicks the History link on the top Firefox toolbar, the left History sidebar will open but it won’t work at all. Instead of the familiar list of your recently visited websites and blogs you won’t get anything. Only a blank sidebar.  Such issue is due to a small Firefox file called places.sqlite which gets corrupted. Removing or renaming it will solve the issue.

When History on your Firefox browser stops working, follow these easy steps:

  1. Turn off Firefox.
  2. Go to Firefox Profile folders.  Depending on what Windows operating system you have got (Windows 7, Vista XP) the patch to reach this folder is different. Visit this Mozillalinks.org webpage to locate it.
  3. Locate places.sqlite file and delete or rename it.
  4. Open Firefox.
  5. Keep in mind that this solution will delete all history. Your bookmarks and your settings will be preserved.

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