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Facebook friend requestIt is very common on Facebook to send a friend request by mistake. Other times instead you might change your mind and want to take back that friend request you sent to that person you now don’t want to be friend with anymore. Till some time ago, if that happened to you there was no way to delete such a request. However, Facebook aware of this issue has since long added an interesting feature to fix your mistakes, so to speak. The issue is that it is not clearly visible! Let’s see together where this feature is.

  1. If you want to take back and undo a friend request, go to your Friend profiles list.
  2. Next to the person you sent an invitation to there is an “awaiting friend request”. Click the X icon.
  3. Click the X icon next to that person to take your request back.

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One Comment to “Quick Method to Take Back a Friend Request on Facebook”

  1. Diana Says:

    Can that person see that a request was sent and cancelled even though i cancelled the friend request?

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