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xp anti-spywareIn this guide I will show you how to uninstall and manually remove the fake XP Anti-Spyware application from your computer. Again, we are in front of a fake antisypware application which masks itself as a legitimate security software with the only goal to make you believe  that your system has been infected by spyware and malware and convince you to buy the full license of the software. The way you got such a virus is pretty similar to other virus I have already written about. You were surfing a website when all of a sudden a window appeared on the screen. Such a window simulated an antispyware user interface which automatically launched a fake scan of your whose system. At the end of such a scan, you got tricked by an alarming warning stating that you got a series of viruses and spywares. The virus asked you to download a software to clear your machine. At this point you downloaded the software and here is where all of your issues started. Let’s see how to uninstall XP Anti-Spyware from your Windows 7, Vista and XP.

The issue with such a virus is that every time you boot your computer, XP Anti-Spyware will hold your Windows desktop on ransom. I mean that after you boot, a window will pop-up on your screen preventing you from accessing your desktop as well as your software and files. You are forced to perform a fake scan of your computer. Well, do it because this is the only way to go. After that, follow this procedure:

  1. Click Start.
  2. Restart your computer again.
  3. As soon as the machine reboots, keep pressing F8. This will let you gain access to the Windows Safe Mode menu.
  4. On the menu, select Safe Mode with Networking and press Enter.
  5. Your computer will automatically boot again. If the virus shows you fake scan request of your system, do what it asks. The only important thing you have to remember is that you don’t have to buy any software using your credit card.
  6. At this point to get rid of XP Anti-Spyware, we have to go to a previous Windows OS state. I mean that we have to go back in time to a date where your computer was not infected. To achieve this we have to gain access to Windows System Restore. Depending on what Windows operating system you have got there are different path to follow in order to gain access to the tool.
  7. If you have Windows XP, follow this guide to access Windows System Restore: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/306084
  8. If you have Windows Vista, follow this guide to access Windows System Restore: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-vista/What-is-System-Restore
  9. If you have Windows 7, follow this guide to access Windows System Restore: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/What-is-System-Restore
  10. For all Windows Operating systems: pick a date that was previous to your Computer virus infection.
  11. Keep in mind that by restoring your Windows OS to a previous state you will  delete all those applications you installed after you got the virus. The more you go back in time the more you will loose other applications installed on that time frame.
  12. You should have managed to successfully remove XP Anti-Spyware from your computer.
  13. Scan your computer with your favorite antivirus and antispyware. (you could use free Spybot Search and Destroy and Free AVG antivirus).

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4 Comments to “Simple Guide to Manually Remove XP Anti-Spyware”

  1. Brandon Says:

    My system wont restore to a earlier date , so this did not help!

  2. janet Says:

    Thank you so much for this, all the other sites tell you to download several programs and do all sorts of complicated stuff (that I couldn’t seem to do) anyway after trying for two days I found your site and got it fixed within minutes!!

  3. Tim Taloy Says:

    Hello, thanks for this solution. Many other websites will give instructions for manual removal which may or may not involve the use of additional anti-spyware tools and/or manual editing of the system registry.
    This, by far, is the easiest and most effective way of getting rid of that annoying and stupid malware.
    Makes you realise the importance of creating restore points on your system!
    I found it was not necessary to boot in Safe Mode with Networking. Just Safe Mode should allow you to activate System Restore to a prior point in time. However, if that doesn’t work then try it with Networking.

  4. Eric Says:

    This was a great solution. It worked for me,after battling the XP Antimalware virus for 2 days I was able to remove it.

    Many thanks.


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