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skydrive upload toolIf you are looking for a  way to fix  SkyDrive drag and drop issues on Firefox, then you are looking for a free upload tool addon! Microsoft SkyDrive seems to suffer from a lot of issues. (See my turn off Skydrive post). In fact, have you ever noticed that SkyDrive  upload feature doesn’t work properly on Firefox while it works perfectly on Internet Explorer in Windows operating systems? This is a bug which has not been fixed yet and it is due to the fact that Firefox doesn’t support ActiveX yet. (This because ActiveX might pose the browser to security risks). As you know, Skydrive is a free Microsfot service which lets you easily upload your files online such as videos, music etc. The uploading procedure is quite long and tedious so SkyDrive gives you the chance to use a very handy drag and drop feature. Unluckily it does not work on Firefox. Download this addon for Firefox to fix this issue!

In order to enable and turn on the drag and drop feature on Firefox you need a workaround. In our case it is represented by a free addon called IE Tab which will act as a real upload tool even though it was not made for this purpose. In fact, IE tab lets you open Internet Explorer instances as well as its Rendering Engine (thus enabling ActiveX) inside your Firefox. This will also let you use all the Internet Explorer features, including our drag and drop!

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