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Internet Explorer hotfixActually, the more recent and used Microsoft browsers are Internet Explorer 8 and 9 (IE8 and IE9). If you own one of these two browsers you might be interested in downloading a particular hotfix or cumulative hotfixes Microsoft has released for your Windows 7, Vista and XP. Now, the issue is that it is not very easy to find and look for such updates , patches or hotfixes because they have been “buried” in the official Microsoft Download website (Microsoft.com). If you don’t know where to look for, you will never find them because they are scattered and mixed, so to speak, among hundreds, thousands of other updates available for dozens of Microsoft products. Recently, a Web Talk user complained about this with me and that’s why I have decided to do the “dirty job” for you guys and collect all IE8 and IE9 updates on a special page, here on Web Talk!

Internet Explorer 8  single hotfix and cumulative hotfixes

Internet Explorer 9  single hotfix and cumulative hotfixes

Other hotfixes and patches can be found on this Microsoft Download page.

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One Comment to “Download Official IE8 and IE9 Hotfix for Windows Operating Systems”

  1. Dennis F. Says:

    Well, we all have to get dirty sometime. Thanks for the update on the updates. I use IE 9 when a site won’t open in Chrome so this does have value for me. Seems that IE is the LCD of browsers.

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