How to Know How Big a File Is (File Size) Before Downlaoding it in Firefox

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By default, on Firefox there is not way to know how big a file is before actually downloading it from the Internet. The file size is simply unknown till you have started downloading  the whole file from the Internet to your computer. Sometimes, this can be a real issue because if you have decided to download a large file without knowing its actual size, the whole thing could take some hour, above all if you have got a slow Internet connection. Luckily for us, I have just found an interesting addon which is able to tell the actual size of any file before hand. In this way you won’t waste any time and you won’t have to start downloading a file to know how large it is!

Show large File is a rather simple addon for Firefox which opens a “open With” dialog box ( which is similar to a download manager) on your screen containing some useful information about the file you want to get! In fact, here is the information you will be able to know before starting the downloading procedure:

  • Name of the file.
  • Type of file extension.
  • File size.
  • Exact location where you are going to download the file.
  • Open With option.
  • Location where you want to put  the big file.

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