How to Know if Somebody Has Blocked You On Facebook

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know blocked profileFacebook gives you the opportunity to block people from accessing your Facebook profile. But how do you know if somebody has  blocked you on his Facebook profile? Apparently, there is not easy reply to this question as Facebook doesn’t provide you any feature or option to play with. The reason of this choice is rather obvious. In fact, Facebook privacy guarantees all its users a good share of privacy  even though Facebook itself seems to go against this logic. In fact, the whole goal of Facebook  is to show  your private facts on the Internet. Let’s see how to find out if somebody has blocked you on Facebook thanks to a little, dirty trick!

  1. Sign up for a new Facebook profile. Remeber to use a whole new email address, otherwise this trick won’t work!
  2. Once you have created a new profile, look for the user/friend you think has blocked you. Todo this you will have to use his/her email or profile name.
  3. If his/her facebook profile will appear on your search within your new profile it means that you have been blocked!

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