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chrome translator bar won't workOne of the coolest features in Google Chrome is the built-in Chrome Translation bar that automatically asks you if you want to translate a foreign-written page to your own language. Such feature, as said, is embedded directly to the Google browser and users do not have any way to manually tweak it. The downside of this useful feature is that sometimes it  doesn’t manage/miss to detect a foreign webpage thus failing to ask you if you want to translate it. To add insult to injury, when the translate bar stops working and/or doesn’t not appear, you can not even use the other option to force translation the webpage. I am talking about the option that can be accessed by right-clicking on a website or blog and, from the menu, select the  “Translate to English” link, for example. It won’t work too as it will be completely grayed-out. Le’s see how to fix this issue.

The only way users have got to fix the Chrome Translation bar is to install an extension that provides similars features with one click. Google Translate is an extension, directly provided and built by the Google Translate Team which manages to translate entire web-pages with just one click. The extension will simply add an handy button to the right of the address bar. Now, the nice thing about the Translate extension is that it automatically manages to detect if a website or blog is written in a different language that the one you are using on Chrome. If so, a banner appears at the top of the page. Click the Translate button in the banner to have all the text on the page appear in the new language.

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4 Comments to “How to Fix Google Chrome Translate Bar doesn’t Appear and Stopped Working”

  1. bruce Says:

    same as above (translate) was working fine last night this morning can click on translate and no joy , tried to download new google chrome in case you have updated , still no joy

  2. rebecca olesen Says:

    I no longer get the ‘offer to translate’ bar – EVER – and that stupid button, which is left click by the way, not right click, does not always work. I can press it a million times and nothing will happen.


    Also set up to automatically translate Swedish to English and THAT STOPPED WORKING TOO.


  3. ron Says:

    I was using Chrome to translate English into Spanish & Spanish into English. It was wonderful. All I had to do was click on to the Chrome icon it took we straight to the translating bar. I would click on English started writing and it started translating into Spanish at the same time.

    I just tried this morning and everthing disappeared. I have tried to reinstall what I had but nothing seems to work. Can you help me reinstall it?

  4. Mona Says:

    guys please advise. I do Arabic search now and agin on Google Chrome which is great BUT now everything comes up in Arabic how can I stop it. help is needed urgently. Thanks

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