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block adsRecently, while browsing the Internet I found a nice, incredible popup blocker extension (called adblocker) for our fast Google Chrome. It is useless to tell you that one of the most annoying things on the Internet are advertisements which are on websites and blogs. OK, for many bloggers they are the unique source of their earnings and I can bear it. In my case, what I really can not stand are popups ads and surveys which literally are pestering the Internet preventing the regular user from having a “user-friendly” Internet experience. Sure, you can always trust on Google Chrome embedded pop-up blocker, but sometimes, believe me this is not sufficient! Now, on the Internet there are a lot of free solutions to block popups but well, what I have got for you is really, really the best for your Google Chrome!

Adblock is a free Google Chrome extension which, as stated on the Google Chrome Extension page, is most popular Chrome extension, with over 1.5 million users! Basically, it manages to stop any kind of ads and popups on any website and blogs including even famous social networks as Facebook and Myspace.

Other feature include:

  • Ads are blocked from downloading thanks to the smart ads blocker technology!
  • Dozens of filters to stop and block even the most unknown and obscure popups!

Download AdBlock for Chrome

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One Comment to “Download PopUp Blocker Extension for Google Chrome”

  1. Dennis F. Says:

    I’ve used AdBlock since it was first released for Chrome. Works like it says. Very good product. I like it so much I even donated.

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