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google sloppy and slow

We are all accustomed to use Google  on a daily basis. We use it because it is fast and accurate but, have you ever though of Google as a sloppy, slow and human search engine? Of course not! In fact, the good thing about Google is that it is quite fast and performing and, as a consequence, our searches, our requests are returned almost in “real-time”.  Lately, thanks to the Caffeine update, we ever get result as we time which is even more that “real-time”.  But what happens if Google was represented by real people, who manually submitted our requests to the search engine? What if such people, or users, behaved in a very “human” way and, just like we do, they made mistakes, misspelling errors or worst, what if they were lazy and incompetent and responded to your needs in a mediocre way? Sploppy Google is the first attempt to reply to such questions by showing you a Google ruled by a humanistic, lazy and comfortable behaviour. 

Using Sloppy Google is very frustrating. It never behaves in the way you expect Google to respond to your queries and requests.  To add insult to injury it yawns in a very irreverent way in front of you, the “I am Feeling Lucky” button is always out of order and the amount of results produced by your searches are very limited and most of the times unconvincing!

Sloppy Google has been created by  Yuin Chein, an MFA at Pasadena’s Art Center College of Design who, during an interview, stated:

“What if searching – the everyday digital routine of our lives is somehow different? What if Google is represented by humanistic operators who type in keywords and submit search request for you? In contrary to auto correct your spelling, it messes up your search results by misspelling your keywords; it yawns at your face just like a careless customer service agent would have done to you. Having a lazy Google is surprisingly comforting to some! Machine isn’t perfect, it makes mistakes, and it needs rest just like everyone of us.”

Use Sloppy Google Now!

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2 Comments to “Sloppy Google. What if Google Were Lazy?”

  1. pickle Says:

    i’m a pickle 🙂

  2. Dennis F. Says:

    Lots of fun. I especially like that it doesn’t display what you key in the search term field. It also came back with different results for the same search. It will drive you crazy.

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