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notepad opens by itselfIf you own a Windows 7 with with processor 7075 you might have noticed that a notepad named desktop.ini opens randomly and by itself when you start or reboot your computer. Such a Notepad is not blank as it contains some code which it does make a lot of sense. The code should look like this: “[.ShellClassInfo] LocalizedResourceName=@%SystemRoot%\system32\shell32.dll,-21787”. Do not worry, Your Windows 7 is not “broken”! What you are seeing is a small bug referring to the desktop.ini file which has  been   created on a wrong location. Here is the fix!

  1. Click Start.
  2. Click Computer.
  3. Click Organize located on the left side of your Windows 7 upper toolbar.
  4. Click Folder and Search Option.
  5. Click the View tab.
  6. Under Hidden Folders and Files, click the  Show folders, files and drives radio button.
  7. Click OK and exit.
  8. Now, click Start.
  9. In the Search field, type desktop.ini and press Enter.
  10. Alternatively, you can also go to:  C: – Program Data MicrosoftWindows –Start MenuProgramsStartup folder.
  11. Righ-click it and delete it.
  12. Now go to: Go to C: – UsersYour_Username – AppData – Roaming – MicrosoftWindows – Start Menu – Startup folder.
  13. Again, delete the desktop.ini file.
  14. Done! This should stop your notepad from opening by itself!

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2 Comments to “How to Fix Notepad Opens Randomly by Itself on Windows 7”

  1. LOL Says:

    when i went to the start up folder, there was no desktop.ini? what do i do?

  2. Parker Says:

    I run windows 7 and just reformat my OSdisk C: yesterday, and somehow this stupid PC does exactly this, it opens up NotePad randomly about every other minute. Reaally annoying!

    I tried your fix but on step 12 I can’t find the last folder, the startup folder. It is simply not there. And the problem is still here.

    Thank you for any help!

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