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download a lot of attachments

This guide will show you how to download multiple email attachments in Gmail. I mean, multiple attachment coming from multiple emails! I am not talking about files within the same email. I want to be clear on this point because on the Internet there are  tons of misguiding articles which trick the user into thinking that they can download everything from different emails. However, I want to write about a little side-note. At the time writing, Gmail does not have any special feature such a button or a option in its settings, for example, which does the trick. So don’t look further because probability you are gonna waist your time. So, what’s left? The only way you have got to save multiple attachments is to use a nice, free tool which will connect to your Gmail account and will get whatever you want, down to your computer folders.

Mail Attachment Downloader is a free, time-saver utility which lets you download multiple files and attachment from you emails within your Gmail account.  Now, the good thing about this software is that it will leave all your mails on your server and will not mark it as read. The program is able to download your attachment on the base of a schedule (hourly or daily). Mail Attachment Downloader works with other email web client such as Hotmail/Live, AOL, Yhaoo! Mail.

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6 Comments to “How to Download Multiple Email Attachments in Gmail”

  1. michelle Says:

    loved it!! excellent, excellent, excellent!!! would donate some $$ but i’m worried that supersmart programmers like you might figure out a way to hack my credit card…

  2. Nguyễn Đình Đoàn Says:

    thanks so much, this is greate software 😡

  3. ruzty Says:

    thank you…you gave me a suggestion that saves me a tons of headache

  4. Mark M Says:

    Hallo, Downloaded the software and it works fine. Helpful alternative to drop.io. thanks

  5. Elma Says:

    Thank you ! Your post helped me to understand many things ! Great.

  6. Maxoud Says:

    Unfortunately, this very useful software does not work on Ubuntu using Wine. To be more precise, it can not be installed. Also it does not throw out any error messages.

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