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Google Chrome Aw SnapIt is very common to the the dreaded “Aw, Snap!” error message on Google Chrome while surfing the Internet. In some case you get such error on every single page thus making your Internet surfing really impossible. Well, it is a fact that Google Chrome suffers from weird bugs or multiple  unresolved issues other browsers seems not to be affected by. Some of these problems have got a long, long story and have not been solved even with latest Google Chrome versions (an example is the bug which prevents Chrome from opening email accounts). The Chrome error treated on this guide comes with the following warning: “Aw, snap! Something went wrong while displaying this webpage. To continue, press reload or go to another page.”  There are different reasons which may trigger this message such as conflicting applications installed on your computer or incompatible extensions. These are the most common causes which can be solved in a few steps. However, it is not so easy as it seems, above all when your Google Chrome starts displaying such error on every page. This tutorial will show you how to fix and solve majority of issues to allow you continue surfing websites and blogs. Some of these fixes are provided by forums I have visited where other users posted their solutions.

Conflicting Applications

Some application installed on your computer (Windows 7, Vista and XP) might not be compatible with Google Chrome. Try to turn them off and see if this solves the problem. The programs which are in conflict with the Google browser are: Spyware Doctor, Comodo firewall, McAfee Enterprise, McAfee Virus Scan. Also, try to disable and remove extensions installed on Chrome. In fact, some of them might be incompatible with the browser and might be responsible for instability and slow or stuck Internet surfing.

Viruses and Malware

If you have not scanned your computer for viruses and malware in a while, I advise you to do it now. Some issue related to Google Chrome are related to virus and spyware infecting your Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Update Google Chrome

Do you have an outdated Google Chrome version? Update it now as it could contain bugs and security flaws which could compromise your security and your Internet surfing.

Reset your Google Chrome profile

Sometimes your Google Chrome profile gets corrupted for different (and sometimes unexplained) reasons. Resetting and creating a new profile is a well-known way to solve the “Aw Snap” error on every page.

  1. Turn Off your Chrome.
  2. Click Start on your Windows 7.
  3. Open Windows Explorer ans in the address field, type: Your_Profile\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data
  4. Press Enter.
  5. The Chrome User Data folder will open on your screen. Right click the Default folder on the right pane (it should be the first item on the list) and rename it to Default_bak.
  6. Now, open your Google Chrome. This will re-create the default folder automatically and solve your issue.

Change Fonts

Another fix is to change the fonts and language setting on Chrome. Here is the step-by-step procedure

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Click the wrench icon on the right side of the browser window.
  3. Click Options.
  4. Click the Under the Hood tab.
  5. Under Web Content click the Change Fonts and Language settings button.
  6. Click the Change… button on the left of the Font option and change the your Chrome font to another font you like.
  7. Now click the Languages tab and change language (any language you want). Click OK.
  8. Try to surf the Internet and see if you still get “Aw, Snap!” error.
  9. Go back to the Language tab and shift back to your own langauge.

Re-install Google Chrome

Sometimes certain Google Chrome files get corrupted. Uninstalling your Google Chrome and re-installin it seems to do the trick sometimes.

Uninstall Flash, Shockware and Java plugins

Google Chrome is not fully compatible with the above software. Try to uninstall them one-by-one and see of Chrome start working back. To uninstall them, click Start on your computer – Control Panel – Programs – Programs and Features. Now select Java, for example and click the Uninstall button. If you want to uninstall Fash Player, follow this guide.

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One Comment to “Definitive Guide to Fix Google Chrome “Aw, Snap!” Message on Every Page”

  1. eric vincent miraflor Says:

    to restore the google chrome, when it crashed, just open task manager and in the processes tab, click the google.exe and press end process. that’s it, restart the chrome!

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