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Internet Explorer 9 ebookInternet Explorer 9 (IE9) embeds so many features and options  regular users do not know about, that Microsoft has released a free Internet Explorer 9 ebook manual (product guide) that will literally let you discover what the browser has got to offer you. The ebook is divided into different chapters or section, each highlighting a special and unique Internet Explorer 9 feature. Chapters available on the free ebook are: Introduction, containing a brief explanation of what’s new in this latest version as well as a list of performance improvements; Internet Explorer 9 Product Guide for Consumers which might be considered the core of this ebook as it contains a detailed list of features and how to get the best from them; Internet Explorer 9 Product Guide for Developers, a comprehensive mini-guide for developers who wish to know all the goodies coming from the latest HTML5 code; Internet Explorer 9 Product Guide for IT Professionals, an interesting section containing detailed descriptions of the most important Internet Explorer 9. Despite such last section is for IT guys I have to admit that it is very well written. The language it pretty simple and I advice everybody to read it as well as you might learn something new that was not mentioned in the previous chapters!

Internet Explorer 9 Product Guide [.PDF version]  28 MB

Internet Explorer 9 Product Guide [.XPS version]  8.6 MB

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One Comment to “Download Free Internet Explorer 9 ebook (Product Guide)”

  1. Dennis F. Says:

    Thanks again. I posted a link to this blog on Facebook. Remember when software used to come with huge manuals, that no one read? Maybe MS has changed their minds; at least this is a step in the right direction.

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