How to Turn On Secure HTTPS (SSL) Connection on Twitter

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twitter HTTP sslLately, there has been a lot of talks about security and Social networks. That’s why Twitter (as well as other websites such as Facebook and email services ) has implemented a neat feature to turn on secure HTTPS (SSL) connection. Such option is very useful above all if you login to Twitter using unsecure/public Internet connection such Airport free hotspots etc.  According to Twitter blog: “Using HTTPS for your favorite Internet services is particularly important when using them over unsecured WiFi connections”. Sure, you can access to Twitter secure HTTPS connection by heading to https://twitter.com,  but Twitter users wanted a simple option able to turn on HTTPS permanently, kind of “set-it-and-forget-it” feature. Let’s see how to enable SSL secure connection on Twitter in a couple of steps.

  1. Login to Twitter.
  2. On the upper-right side of your Twitter  profile page, click on your nickname. A small drop-down menu will appear.
  3. Click Settings that should be the first option on the menu.
  4. Click the Account tab.
  5. Tick the Always use HTTPS checkbox. This will turn on the feature, permanently.
  6. Click Save button.
  7. As a further precaution, Twitter will ask you to confirm your action by asking you to re-enter your password. Do it and click the Save button.


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