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Latest browsers are able to locate your position thanks to their new geolocation features. However, on Firefox you can change and fake your geolocation in order to show whatever location you wish to other people. Basically, you will be able to show yourself wherever you want in the world to other users! Sure, if you do not want to show your location you can always turn off  geolocation, but wouldn’t be better to have some fun and pretend to surf the Internet or write an email from London, New York, Honk Kong etc. ? Geolocation is a feature that makes Firefox location-aware. It works in a very simple way. Whenever you visit a location aware-website, Firefox will ask if you want to share your location. Consequently, “if you consent, Firefox gathers information about nearby wireless access points and your computer’s IP address”.  Let’s see how to change your location thanks to a little addon! 

Geolocater is a great Firefox addon that gives you the possibility to change and fake your current geolocation to another one. The nice thing about this addon is that you won’t even need to know the new latitude and longitude as “Geolocater will give you the possibility to find a place or drag the geolocation over a map.” Other features include:

  • Define and save more than one geolocation. In this way you will be able to jump from one location or city to another one!
  • Nice detailed map available and a stunning service that is more accurate that Google geolocation service!

If you want to make sure that the addon is really working, let Firefox locate yourself by using this location-aware  website.

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One Comment to “How to Change and Fake Geolocation in Firefox”

  1. vibhor Says:

    Thanks dude. Got my problem solved now. I was searching this query from last few days and finally i did it. all credit goes to you. Could you please tell me the way to turn your fb black in colour.

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